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Re: Dupla reactor S

>Dave Berryman wrote:
>Since Hawaii is the only place in the US that supplies Dupla, why not have
>some of our list members that have stores or are suppliers of products
>supplying Dupla products?  Any takers?  Should be an open market.

>BTW, thank you to everyone that helped with this.


From what I understand, Hawaiian Marine (HM) is the sole authorized importer
for Dupla product to the US.  If you try to go to other sources outside the
US you will be referred back to HM here in the US.  Or you will be buying
retail overseas, paying in advance, paying freight and currency exchange,
waiting a long time and ultimately wishing you had bought it here in the US.
I would guess that this would also apply to any reseller in the US that
wanted to pick up the Dupla line.  Maybe that is why we have not seen Dupla
product over here since the former importer stopped bringing it in.

I would bet that HM, like any other wholesale importer I have dealt with,
will only sell to the consumer if they do not have a dealer in your area as
is the case with me.  It is an open market, even though at first glance it
may not seem that way.  This is the way almost everything you buy is
handled.  I used to make high performance auto parts and learned about
distribution channels the hard way.  If you want to see more people carrying
Dupla here in the US, call your LFS or on-line store and ask them for it.
When they tell you they don't have it, tell them about Hawaiian Marine (be
sure to give them the phone number - 800/993-4346) and ask if they can
get it for you.  If there are enough of them, retailers will discount to be
competitive with each other and thus get your business.  The wholesaler
can't unless he does not want to have any dealers.  Other than wanting to
see Dupla stuff at LFSs, particularly around here, I suspect this is really
appropriate for the list.  If you e-mail me and I will gladly share my
understanding of distribution channels with you.

Standard disclosure - I have no relation with nor receive any benefit from
HM other than being a satisfied customer.  I didn't mention names before
because I remember when I used to have a position similar to Cal's:  had
a phone to my ear just about all day, then my ear felt like it was still
all night.  I wasn't sure he wanted to personally field all of their phone
Then again he is a great guy to deal with and my experience is like Daphne's
- they take care of their customers.  It is a shame that everyone does not
do business more like HM.  If you subscribe to this list, thanks Cal !

Charles Kuehnl