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Re: plant tank filters-again

Finally, I can contribute:

In response to Laurel Merrell, Kyle10500 at webtv_net (Kyle) wrote:

>  I have used Fluval for a little over 3 years. I have used the older
> model '03s and the newer '04s. I hated them all. They were very hard to
> start and the new models stopped running at the slightest provocation.

I got a Fluval 304 back in early December. Trying to start if the first
time was such a pain I almost sent it back. Long story short: I discovered
that if one adds a lot of porous material to the filter basket (e.g.,
floss, carbon etc.) one has to let it stand and soak for a while or the
thing won't start (probably due to trapped air). Once saturated (I keep
the bio-filter stuff out during this process), the Fluval starts
immediately without further hassle. It has been running great since then,
and I love it (compaired to the Emperor external I had before, I've never
had an Eheim).