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Re: dead horses et al

If anyone has misconstrued any of my comments as "venting" (i.e., an
emotional outburst of anger or frustration), then I apologize that I so
ineloquently expressed my thoughts.  I agree, in general, that venting
is rarely informative or helpful to an audience, although not
necessarily uninteresting.

While I did not agree with all that everyone says, I appreciate the
exchange of views and the keeness of the cut of some of the more
strongly held views.


PS, I don't think you have revealed any legal tactics or endangered
anyone or even stated anything uninteresting -- but that's just my

PPS.  It would be ironic indeed if, after so much discussion about the
attempted suppression of open discussion, we began to suppress that
very discussion as dangerous or irrelevant.  Even if it's the right
thing to do, it would still be ironic as hell. :-)

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