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Re: plant tank filters-again

 I have used Fluval for a little over 3 years. I have used the older
model '03s and the newer '04s. I hated them all. They were very hard to
start and the new models stopped running at the slightest provocation.
That is MY experience. And I have used several Magnums--both the 350 and
4 or 5 HOTs. They will run practically forever under bad conditions
(clogged flter media). They are workhorses and start up without fail
every time FOR ME.

I will never buy another Fluval anything ever again.

I used a 350 Magnum as a circulator for a backup UV and DIY CO2. (no
filter media, just the empty container) It ran for over 6 months before
slowing down (abuse?--I'm sure). Cleaned it up decently. Reinstalled,
started up and is running like new.

So far the new Rena Filstar(largest model--#?) is doing great and no
startup problems after cleaning.

>Hi. Thanks for the many replies to my last
>post, I am now trying to decide between
>an Eheim ecco and a Fluval 304. Does
>anyone have experience with either of
>these, they are similar in price. 
>Laurel Merrell
>4th (and final!) Year PharmD Student
>University of Washington