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Re: More heehaw legal mumbo

A friend wrote:
>> Ive heard rumors that the otocinclus are putting together a class action
>> suit....

I wrote back:
> The supreme tank's struck it down in a landmark decision 5 to 4. The plant
> attorney's winning side stated:
> "While otocinculus are friends and helpers they also also mutual
> beneficieraries and as such are not immune to the laws of nature. They recieve
> only what they are entitled to and do not go above and beyond except in cases
> of diatom> outbreaks were as they excel but deserve no special treatment
> In the dissenting opinion the otto's lawyer, Otto Van Suckpus, stated that
> "Otocinclus never ever harmed one little hair of anything except algae........
> and only attacked with extreme malice, algae"
> And there's more:)
> Regards, 
> Tom Barr