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RE: Dupla reactor

>>Dave Berryman wrote:
>>Does anyone know how I can order a Dupla CO2 reactor S from here in the

Contact Hawaiian Marine Imports at www.hawaiianmarine.com or 800-993-4346.
They are the new Dupla distributor for the US and from my experience they
are doing a very good job.  I have been very happy with their service and it
has been a pleasure doing business with them.  They do have dealers but none
are in my area.  As Hawaiian Marine also imports Eheim to the US, if you
have a LFS that sells Eheim I would bet they can get the Dupla products for
you too.

The ONLY caveat -
They just got started with Dupla and only received their first Dupla
shipment last January or February.  My experience has been that they have
not been able to keep product in stock although that may be improving.  When
I first ordered from them, the owner repeatedly told me that he was going to
start slow to see if there was demand and to see what the US market wanted.
It was also apparent that they were very early on in the learning curve
about the Dupla products.  The owner said this to me every time I asked a
question he did not have the answer to - not very often but it did happen
more than once.  However, what he didn't know he quickly found out from
Germany.  My recent experience has been he is pretty much completely up to

I do not know personally how the Dupla business is going for them.  Except
for the lead time to get product they are sold out of (boats from Germany
take a while), I have been very satisfied in my dealings with them and I
really like the products.  What I have received is very well made and works
very well.  As far as doing business with them goes, I feel they have gone
over and above what I would normally expect and have placed a couple of more
orders for stuff with him.  I would encourage anybody interested in Dupla
products to check them out.

Charles Kuehnl