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Dupla reactor

Dave is looking for a Dupla reactor.

Try Hawaiian Marine.  Cal Adger is the one I've dealt with and is handling
all the Dupla "stuff".  I talked to him several times prior to receiving the
items I wanted and he actually followed through and sent me the price list
and catalog as soon as he got them.  I recently got some items from them and
UPS got a little wild with it.  (I hope UPS doesn't sue me for saying
that..) I called him and he promptly sent UPS with a call tag, took care of
it, called me to tell me exactly what damage he found and informed me that
he was mailing a replacement that day.  This just happened and I expect to
see the friendly UPS guy tomorrow.  Nice guy, great customer service (from
Cal that is, although I have a very nice UPS guy too).  Told me if there
were any more problems or issues to let him know and he would take care of
it. I believe he will.   He even asked me to call him when I get the
replacement to make sure everything was in order.

Their number is 1-800-993-4346.

Oh and the usual disclaimers, I don't work there or receive kickbacks or
anything etc, etc...