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Re: Cladophora


A lot of useful information. Thanks Tom, Karen, Joe, others!

I realize that the most common use of Cladophora is to simply put the 
naturally formed balls
into the tank. And I agree that they are beautiful just the way they are.
However, I still think the idea of using it as a ground cover is very 
interesting as well.
Even though it grows slowly, a little bit of algae goes quite a long way 
when you stretch it out.
I´ve seen pictures of tanks belonging to Danish aquarist Ole Pedersen, 
where the Cladaphora
covers the whole substrate from front to back, as well as most of the 
rocks. And it looks spectacular!

As far as the dense growth attracting a lot of mulm and dirt, in my limited 
I haven´t noticed to much of a problem with this. It almost seems to be too 
thick even for the dirt to penetrate. As far as I can tell, most of it just 
gathers on the surface of the algae where it can easily be vacuumed up.

Actually, I really think this is a plant well worth checking out.
If you´re going for that 'wabi-sabi' zen-like feeling in a tank, it just 
seems too perfect not to try.