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Anti-SLAAP Laws in your state

I was glancing through the www.casp.net website that
contains much useful information, and came across the
page that details the anti-SLAAP laws in each state. 
Find the link to your state here:


These laws were designed to protect people from
lawsuits, generally without merit, whose sole
intention is to limit discourse on a subject.

It seems that many of our legislators saw fit to give
David a stone for his sling.  And many have not.  It
might be time to drop your local representatives a
line regarding these laws.

Here's a bit of advice from the website:  "If you are
planning to write to a government official or speak
out on a public issue, and you are unsure if your
statements could subject you to a lawsuit, contact a
lawyer who can assist you. One of the organizations
listed in Where To Find Help may help you in finding a
knowledgeable attorney to consult."

Who would have ever thought that Free Speech is risky
enough to entail contacting a lawyer first?

More advice from the site:  "If you are a homeowner
and carry homeowner's insurance, check your policy for
personal injury liability coverage. Some policies
protect homeowners from personal injury lawsuits based
on such things as defamation, malicious prosecution,
abuse of process, etc. Consult your insurance company
or an attorney to see if you may be covered. If your
present policy does not cover you, ask about a rider
which would extend coverage to potential SLAPP

Why, generally speaking, do some people choose to
spread ugliness across the land?  It's very bad karma.

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