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Some companies _do_ care

With all the bad news around about .......house (I'm even scared to name
names in case I get sued too. :)) I'd just like to share a couple of items
that indicate that there is still customer service in this world.

A few weeks ago my 48 inch Perfecto Sholight died.  The ballast must have
been defective.  I'd had this item as a recall replacement since December,
1999.  Contact with Perfecto resulted in my receiving a FedEx box which I
used to ship the item back to the manufacturer who +AF8-immediately+AF8- cut me a
cheque for the amount I paid for not only the fixture but also the two light

I purchased 2 Rena Filstar XP3s.  The hosing and fittings on these filters
are really not up to scratch. The filter itself is excellent.   If the
filter is not placed +AF8-exactly+AF8- in the correct position under the tank, the
hose will kink because it is so thinwalled.  There is a venturi fitting on
the spray bar end and because the hose kinked, (probably one of my cats
knocked the hose during the night) the venturi didn't work and the Uaru I
had imported from the U.K. suffocated.  They had been temporarily housed in
a 54 gallon tank and a new 110 gallon Perfecto tank was 2 weeks away.  This
is why I had left the hosing a bit long so that it would be correct for the
height of a 30 inch tank.  I emailed Aquarium Pharmaceuticals in
Pennsylvania and received no reply.  So I contacted Rena in France and their
product quality manager has arranged for new non kinking hosing and new
fittings to be shipped.  In addition to which they have also added a Rena
400 air pump as a 'commercial gesture'.

I think that both these companies handled my complaint in a responsible
manner.  How wonderful it would be if every business would take the concerns
and disappointments of their customers as seriously as these did mine.

Over and out.

Gabriella Kadar
Toronto, Canada

P.S.  Sometimes I've got to be careful.  I've got enough legal issues on my
plate right now.  :)