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> From: jgarden2000 at juno_com
> It has just developed a leak about halfway down the
> side! 8-O

I know you mentioned you were on a budget, but if you value the items
surrounding your tank, you may consider replacing it, or completely
resealing. You may very well get lucky and fix the area leaking. Give the
silicone 24hrs to cure and it should be fairly safe.

I came home to find a leak in the bottom of a 225 gallon tank once. After
turning everything off and then completely freaking out for a few minutes I
started draining the tank. I went to the local home store and got a few
large plastic trash cans for fish, plants, substrate, and bio-balls. Of
course, no one in this town sells 225 gallon tanks, so I had one shipped
second day freight.

Good luck, I know how you feel.

Jon Wilson