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RE: Subject: Silicone

S. Hieber wrote:
> Note that Silicone is generally used for caulking and sealing against
> > water and therefore has fungicides added to reduce discoloration.
> > 
> > Aquarium-safe silicone does not have the additives.
> > 
> > Using silicone with any fungicides or algacides can more or less slowly
> > poison you fish and/or plants.
> >  <snip, in bulk probably sold in bulk for aquairum manufactureres>
In general, I understand you need only see "Safe for Food 
Service" on the tube to know that these additives are not 
present and it's not toxic to your tank.  Most silicones won't
have that on the tube, but around here DAP is a brand that
does label that way (I've used that with no problems.)

charleyb at cytomation_com