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You don't need a new tank, but I don't think the partial reseal will work,
though. My understanding is that the new seal won't anneal with the old one
very well.  If it were me I'd pull everything out, give the tank a good
scrub and rinse (to clean the surfaces), strip the entire seal and reseal
it.  I've a bit of work, but not really too complicated to do.  Just strip
all the silicone from the insides with a razor blade, then when it is clean
and dry, use an aquarium safe silicone to reseal it.  Run a fat bead along
each edge and smooth it with a finger.  I've had to do this twice myself,
on a 55 and a 20 L (which needed the front glass replaced.  Be happy you
don't need to do that!), and it wasn't too onerous.

Think of it as an opportunity to consider putting in those heating cables
or to change the substrate  ;-).

It's  a bummer, but it's doable in an afternoon's work (except for curing


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