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RE: Nitrate Test Problem

>I am using a Red Sea  Nitrate test  kit that provides two test methods.
>Problem:  With  method #2 I just determined 0  ppm.  Method #1 however
>returns greater than 20 ppm.  This is repeatable, even  after

I experienced similar problems recently, but using the brand new single
method (liquid) red sea nitrate kit.  I kept getting 0 on the test results,
but I figured it was wrong.  To test this, I made 0ppm 10ppm, 20ppm, and
test solutions using KNO3 and RO water.  My old (2 years past its expiration
date) dry tab kit from aquarium pharm measured each one right, but the red
sea registered 0 on all the tests.  The only good thing I can say about it
was that it was right on one of the 4 tests.  I haven't returned it yet, but
I'm planning to.