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Re: Nitrate test

>I am using a Red Sea  Nitrate test  kit that provides
two test methods.  
Method #2 uses three liquid reagents and is described
to be the more accurate 
test.  Method #1uses a powder and one liquid reagent. 
the instructions state 
that if method #2 returns a value of less than 2.5
ppm, then confirm with 
method #1.<

I just bought this very test last week.  On test #1 I
got 5 ppm.  On test #2 I got 0 ppm.  Repeatable.  I
then used my dry tab kit of another brand and got 20
ppm, which is probably closer but still wrong, since I
accidentally added a little too much N03 last week.  I
have given upon on all three and am saving for a Lamotte.

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