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Re: Nitrate Test Problem

I experienced similar anomalous results when I used the Red Sea nitrate kit.
And I have since read (probably on alt.aquaria) of at least one other user
who ran into the same problem.  I made up a test solution and ran the tests
on that.  The result (as I recall) was that Test #1 was correct and Test #2
(the more "accurate" test) was incorrect.
I returned the kit to the dealer who gave me my money back.  I then bought a
Hach kit with a color wheel and have been very pleased with it.
John T. Fitch
Web Page: www.fitchfamily.com

> Date: Sun, 3 Jun 2001 17:13:36 EDT
> From: NorbSpitzer at gateway_net
> Subject: Re: Nitrate Test Problem
> I am using a Red Sea  Nitrate test  kit that provides two test methods.
> Method #2 uses three liquid reagents and is described to be the more
> accurate
> test.  Method #1uses a powder and one liquid reagent.  the instructions
> state
> that if method #2 returns a value of less than 2.5 ppm, then confirm with
> method #1.
> Problem:  With  method #2 I just determined 0  ppm.  Method #1 however
> returns greater than 20 ppm.  This is repeatable, even  after
> of the test container in tap water followed by a rinse in the tank being
> tested.  Anyone else have a similar experience?  Suggestions?   The
> instructions state that the local water supply may contain contaminants
> would invalidate test results.  They offer no recommended action if Test
> does not confirm Test #2 results.  I'd call the Red Sea customer service
> rep,
> but he is probably busy defending his family.