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Re: Lighting

In a message dated 05/27/2001 2:53:00 AM Central Daylight Time, 
Aquatic-Plants-Owner at actwin_com writes:

 > The other was in
 > a bright orange wrapper (sorry I don't have the brand
 > names) and was called "Sunshine" and was rated 5000k.
 > It is supposed to mimic the noonday sun.
 These are my favorite lights for the money.  The color temperature
 suites my taste, and the CRI is 90, which means that it renders colors
 about the way they should appear.  The lights are not real bright and in
 my experience they may stop lighting dependably after a year or so.  >>

Anopther alternate is a light in a blue and white wrapper called Ultra 
This bulb has a 6500K rating and also a 90CRI.  In my twin tube fixtures I 
found that these bulbs give fantastic plant growth as well as color remdering
when mixed with the so called plant and aquarium bulbs.  

In single tube fixtures I'm finding that new series of Zoomed bulbs are also 
fantasticly.  There Tropical sun and Flora Sun both work great for plants but
the Tropical Sun is a little better color and brightness.  The pricing on 
these bulbs
are not unrealistic either.