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Hi there,

I've tried Tropical Sun bulbs from Zoomed too, they are 5500k and are 
brighter than cool whites, but they make everything look very green so I 
return them next day and put the cool whites back in. Later on I mix cool 
white with Aqua Glow from Hagen which is purple. Together they look o.k. 
and plants grow too.
I'm looking for white light output (T8 24"), but don't want to spend too 
much $. Does any body know good source in Southeast Ontario?
Btw, Zoomed 24"Tropical Sun $15,  24" Ultra Sun $ 25 (way too much) canadians


At 03:48 AM 5/29/01 -0400, Dennis8425 wrote:
>In single tube fixtures I'm finding that new series of Zoomed bulbs are also
>fantasticly.  There Tropical sun and Flora Sun both work great for plants but
>the Tropical Sun is a little better color and brightness.  The pricing on
>these bulbs
>are not unrealistic either.