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Re: Howdy

> I just got signed up, and figured I'd introduce myself. I sort of know
> what I'm doing with fish, but I'm a real newbie with aquatic plants. :-)
> I have two tanks going right now (I live in California--otherwise I'd
> have more!), a twenty gallon (not planted) in my bedroom, and a forty
> gallon (planted) in my living room (algae-plagued) (you'll probably hear
> me asking for help about this tank in this future!).
> At least I know somebody here--I just saw Tom Barr post! Long time no
> see!

The same "Howdy" goes out to you William. Hope your plant tank(s) are doing
well. I can only talk so much at the SFAS meetings but will help you out
here as the web resources and time is somewhat better and will allow you to
figure out what to do about that tank of yours. I had 10 folks pulling at me
there at SFAS so please don't take it personal! Read the FAQ's, archives etc
if you have a problem or want to learn more about plants and why you have
algae. You can check there first and then ask here if that doesn't answer
your question. 

Remember you also have the sfbaaps plant group which is very active/local
and has a number of plant tank open houses coming up and have had a few here
lately. Fun and you'll learn a great deal from these folks if you get into
it. You'll also get free stuff and ideas for your tank and many of them will
be very willing to help. I would highly recommend this list/sfbaaps (you can
check their web site @ www.sfbaaps.com) as a good resource. You live in
Santa Rosa as I recall. Russian river water which is good water for plant
tanks(much like Marin tap water which also buys from Sonoma Co Russian River
Tom Barr
> William