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co2 from propane

This probably fits under the category of ridiculous,
in a practical sense...

A friend of mine mentioned an add for a co2
contraption that attracts and traps mosquitoes. 
Interesting, I thought, maybe some application for
planted aquaria.  Well, he has never gotten back to me
with the ad.  I did a search on the internet, and came
up with the "mosquito magnet" that catalytically
converts propane to co2 using platinum beads.  The
device is huge, and apparently generates heat during
the reaction (or maybe heat is used to drive the

According to their website
http://www.mosquitomagnet.com , 1lb of propane
generates 3lb of co2.  1lb of propane costs 0.166$
while co2 is 1.00$/lb.  So, doing the math, you get
3.00 worth of co2 from 16 cents worth of propane.  Not
bad.  And it doesn't use an outside electrical source
(for the Californians on the list).

I think somewhere on the site it said that it produces
a stream of co2, heat, and moisture at no less than
500cc/minute.  All that for 180$ per year (for propane

Of course, the unit itself is pretty expensive, and
very bulky (compared to the typical aquarium).

But I wonder if such a unit might have utility for a
planted tank in the thousands of gallons.  Or maybe if
such technology might be used in the future towards
our purposes.  Given how little co2 most of us use,
it's not likely.



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