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Re: Inexpensive light bulbs

Well, since I am on an extremely limited budget and my year is coming up
for my PCs and regular fluors I hope others will give their thoughts and
experiences on how long they have used theirs before replacing. 

Wow! Just think, I could use that money for some real nice fish or
upgrade my 10 gallons to PCs.:-)

>Date: Sun, 27 May 2001 16:31:31 -060
>From: "Roger S. Miller"
><rgrmill at rt66_com>
>Subject: Re: Inexpensive light bulbs 
 > Kyle wrote: 
>I thought ALL bulbs should be replaced
>after a year, inexpensive or not. It's what
>I've always read anyway. 
>I've read that too, and I don't think it's true
>anymore. GE "Sunshine" bulbs do seem
>to lose light intensity and start lighting
>erratically after about a year, but that isn't
>always the case. I had some Philips
>Ultralume and Advantage X bulbs that
>lasted ~5 years in near continuous use
>before they got noticeably dimmer than a
>new "Sunshine" lamp in side-by-side
>comparisons. They started failing to light
>at about that time, too. 
>So I think the replacement schedule is
>something that varies with the lamp. I
>would hope that more expensive bulbs
>last consistently longer than cheap bulbs
>when they're used in the same way, but
>that might not be the case. 
>Roger Miller