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Re: Inexpensive light bulbs

Here is a link that will help you decide if the plant grow light is
suitable  http://www.misty.com/people/don/f-spec.html  scroll down and
your ? will be answered.  Also check this out
http://www.thekrib.com/Lights/fluor-walters.html   The tube in the
orange wrapper at Home Depot that is labeled Sunshine is also labeled on
the end of the tube as a Chroma 50.  Various web sites and postings
refer to the Chroma 50 as an affordable bulb option.  After reading the
digests I mixed 2 Chroma 50's with 2 Vita lites (had em' on hand) over a
75 gal. and driven by a Ice Cap ballast.  At first was concerned that
this might not be enough, but growth suits me fine.  Need to start
thinking about next generation of bulbs - willing to spend more now.
Here is one more site http://www.csd.net/~cgadd/aqua/75g.htm  Chuck has
mixed the Chroma 50 with other, more expensive, tubes for a desired
result.  Others with more experience might comment on the aesthetics of
different bulbs.

Jay Reeves