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Re: Inexpensive light bulbs

Beverly Shutes wrote:

> Hello all...I'm looking to replace one of the 24"
> bulbs in my Perfecto light strip and saw a couple in
> Home Depot.  I'm wondering if anyone has used them
> before?  One was specifically for aquarium and plants
> but had no temperature rating on it.

I've used this light.  It doesn't appear very bright and I think it has
a grolux-like spectrum, which means that it grows plants about as well
as a cool white, but costs more.  The color rendition is poor.

> The other was in
> a bright orange wrapper (sorry I don't have the brand
> names) and was called "Sunshine" and was rated 5000k.
> It is supposed to mimic the noonday sun.

These are my favorite lights for the money.  The color temperature
suites my taste, and the CRI is 90, which means that it renders colors
about the way they should appear.  The lights are not real bright and in
my experience they may stop lighting dependably after a year or so. 
Just the same, I like them enough that I take my used lights to my
office to replace the Cool Whites over my desk.

Probably either of these lights will grow plants about the same.  The
real difference is in how good things look when viewed under the light. 
The "Sunshine" light is a hands-down winner in that comparison.

Roger Miller