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Re: buying a tank need help..

Hugh asked about tanks.  Any of the brands can leak.  I used a Perfecto for
about 10 years.  Never had a major problem (after several years, one tiny
leak on top seal that silicone took care of ) and when I did have problems
initially with their strips, they sent me another strip immediately, no
questions, no problems.  So while I don't think they make the best tank,
their customer service was top notch.

I have several Oceanic tanks and had a brand new 135 leak about 5 years ago.
They were complete jerks to me and told me it HAD to be on one of their
stands.  I explained it was.  Then they explained to me that obviously I had
not set it up correctly and didn't know what I was doing essentially.  Told
him I had been in the hobby for 15 years and I DID know how to set up a
tank.  It HAD a leak.  Told me that 95% of their tanks DO NOT leak.  That
was fine, but I was obviously in the 5% and had one.  The water running onto
my hardwood floors was a dead give away.  I finally gave up on them after
several months and the LFS and wholesaler took care of it and got me a new

I still believe Oceanic makes the best tanks.  (I have used Perfecto,
Oceanic, All-glass )  but wasn't impressed with their LACK of customer
service.  That was also the only Oceanic I've had leak.  I was so disgusted
with them that when I got my new 135 replacement tank, I never set it up.  I
have a brand new tank with all the original strapping, protective covering,
everything sitting on an official Oceanic stand and it has never had water
in it.   I bought a new large tank a year ago and it was an All-glass.

Do be extra careful to get it level, that won't help though if it has a
defect.  I think with the better tanks, it doesn't happen much but it can

If you stay in the 95% with Oceanic you'll be happy (if not, your kids learn
some colorful new phrases he, he).  All-glass and Oceanic are owned by same
folks now I think.  The Wal-mart cheapo's do seem to leak immediately so
spend a bit more and get a better brand.

Good luck.

Daphne in Hot, Drought-ridden/Crunchy Atlanta