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Re: Amano Galleries


What is the plant in the immediate foreground and up around the left side of
the tank in this photo? http://www.adana.co.jp/image/c_0304.jpg  My LFS
referred to it as "Star Grass" and could not tell me the latin name. I have
a big bunch of it growing nicely.

One interesting thing about it is the change in its habit since the addition
of C02 to the tank. It used to produce opposed pairs of leaves, with each
pair alternating 90 degress (looking straight down the stem at 2 pairs of
leaves, you'd see 4 leaves at right angles to one another). Now the leaves
have broadened somewhat, are more red, and the stems have thickened and now
show ridges. Most interestingly, there are now sets of 3 leaves where there
used to be a pair. I am very happy with my DIY C02!