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Compact Fluorescent Question


I have just set up a new 10 gal tank. The tank was given to me with the
usual crummy 2x 25W incandescent setup. I am planning to convert it to
compact fluorescent. After visiting a few websites (Sylvania & Philips, to
be precise). I am thinking of either a single Sylvania FT36-DL (or
equivalent form another manufacturer) or 2 Philips PL-S 13W.
The Sylvania is a 16² long single-ended fixture (2900 lumens, 82 CRI) w/ the
following colour temps. Available: 3000, 3500, 4100. The Philips is a 7²
long twin-tube compact fluorescent (825 lumens, also 82 CRI), available in
the temps mentioned above plus 2700 and 5000.

I like the simplicity of one tube but are any of the available colour temps
appropriate? Also, that tube is probably expensive and harder to find...) Is
2900 lumens too much? The 7² tubes are no doubt cheaper and have the greater
number of options. Also, with 2, I could mix colour temps, if required.
Would of the listıs lighting experts care to offer their advice?