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Membrane CO2 Reactors

Does anyone have any experience with CO2 membrane reactors in general or the
Aqua Medic model in particular?

Their website at http://www.aqua-medic.de/ contains the following
"The Aqua Medic Membrane Reactor contains a gas permeable membrane tube that
is not permeable for water. If connected to a CO2 unit, the gas diffuses
through the membrane into the water - bubble free, without any losses. The
membrane reactor has to be fixed in the aquarium at a place with good
circulation. The deeper the reactor is fixed in the aquarium, the greater is
the capacity. It is delivered in 2 sizes:
Type 200 with 2 membrane tubes Type 400 with 4 membrane tubes "

I found the note below in a search on the Krib.  Unless I misunderstood,
their US distributor indicated in a phone call that it works with any CO2
source though he confessed he did not know much about them.  The
instructions in the box indicate that the pressure must not be too high
(mostly to prevent bubbling which is a reduction in efficiency of use of the
CO2 ) but there is no pressure spec.  I sort of like the idea of a bubble
free reactor - in other words 100% CO2 utilization efficiency.  Does this
really work that well?  Do they clog easily?  Are there any problems or
drawbacks in their use?


From the Krib:

RE: What is a membrane reactor for CO2?
by "Monolith Marine Monsters (m3)" <puffie/marine-monsters.com>
Date: Fri, 7 Jan 2000
  >Date: Thu, 6 Jan 2000 16:41:44 -0500 (EST)
  >From: wshimoda at alum_mit.edu
  >Subject: What is a membrane reactor for CO2?
  >I found a 'membrane reactor, double' at pets.com listed under
  >their 'live plants supplies' section and was wondering if anyone
  >knew what it was, how it worked, how well it worked, etc.?

That should be the one made by Aqua Medic which is to be used with their
chemical CO2 reactor the Ceomat.  The Ceomat is a relatively low pressured
CO2 system, I doubt that if the membrane reactor is suitable to be used with
other high pressured CO2 systems.  We used to sell those membrane reactors
in the past.  They consist of a few whitish membrane and no microbubbles
could be seen on its reactive side (as told by Ceomat users).  The
instruction claims that CO2 reacts w/ H2O behind the membrane, etc.

Monolith Marine Monsters