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RE: Amano Gallery

Allow me to express my own interpretation about aquascaping, with my very
limited knowledge. IMHO The two major "schools" of aquascape have, in large
degree deep-rooted cultural aspects. May that be the "western" sense of
beauty derive from perfect forms, or the "eastern" believe that beauty can
exist within imperfection and chaos.  I think these underlying principles
are being expressed splendidly in their respects aquascapes themes. Perhaps
we hobbyists in US, being relatively late player in the hobby, can also
summon our own cultural strengths: Our abundance resources, our vast and
diverse landscape, our appreciation of nature, and easy access to the great
outdoors, But most of all, our freedom to fuss and incorporate whatever the
best there is out there.

Hobbyists in US are also blessed in having the space to own very large
aquariums, and equipment and supplies are inexpensive (if we know where to
look). Perhaps some our sense of style can be easily expressed by larger and
more complex displays? I have heard hobbyists from other countries accused
US hobbyists do nothing but packing large plants. Well yeah, we are all
guilty for that ;-). But from what I've seen so far, there are definitely
many "crouching tiger, hidden dragon" here. In time, I'm sure we can emerge
with our own unique style.

But first, we do have some catching up to do, and let's convince our LFS
stop selling those day-glow plastic things.