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Components of Epiphytes Delight fertilizer

     Several people asked about what was in the fertilizer I used to 
pamper/kill off my BGA, and wanted to know if copper was one of the 
ingredients.  I forgot to write down the ingredients last night, but took a 
quick glance as I ran out the door this morning and it does indeed contain 
copper, a 0.05% chelated copper.  I have added a total of 2 tsp. for 45 
gals. of water.  Neither the fish nor the water hyacinth nor the water 
lettuce appear stressed, but needless to say I won't be adding that 
fertilizer again.  Tonight I'll change 1/3 of the water, and see how the 
BGA reacts.  After an initially rapid decline, the BGA has continued to 
slowly disappear from the remainder of the tank.  If the water change 
revives the BGA again, I'll try another fertilizer, one without copper.
     And I'll try to remember to write down all the components of Epiphytes 
Delight for those who asked.
John Phillips