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RE: Amano gallery

>>A lot of this list's content is very technical.
Mastering the techniques/chemistry that allow for a
healthy beautiful plant tank.  As the hobby matures, I
think we will/should gravitate towards the subject of
aquascape as art.  We appreciate/critique art, and
offer ideas on what makes good art.<<

We have had converstions like these. It was a converstion about this that
drove someone to go and create the AGA Aquascaping contest last year...and
probably drove him to drink too! As I recall the converstion started as the
japanese vs the dutch way of aquascaping, and if us north americans had any
particular style of our own, (I think the jury is still out on that one)

My personal preference for what I like to see is a combination of the asian
natural, open type of aquascape, and the three dimensional garden style of
the dutch. But what I am now getting much more interested in is using very
detailed rockwork and terraforming of rock, wood, and cork or corkbark.
After working with a zoo to help them set up a SE asian biotope, I started
looking into how zoos and aquariums build their displays. There are
companies that specialize in building very detailed and intricate displays
for zoos and aquariums. What they do is an art within itself, and no easy
task. I have experimented with this a little, but I am going to attempt my
first major try at this for this years AGA contest. Keeping things to scale
is the most important element.

Robert Paul H