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	Hello all.
	I have been following the discussions on this list for sometime now
and for the most part everything mentioned here, that I've tried, has worked
out perfectly. It has taken some time but the bga is finally gone, after a 1
year stay. Only some spot green algae remains. My plants, wife and myself
thank you all.  
	My question is how to lower my Kh and what would cause it to rise?
	Out of my tap the kh is about 4-5 deg. Where as in my tank it is
about 10-11 deg. I am thinking that the pmdd I add is making the Kh rise.
Instead of using KN03, I could only find CaN03. I have since stop using this
until I can find an answer. Would this be the cause? 
	There are only 6 small fish in a 100 gal, heavy planted tank and the
plants are growing quite well. I inject co2 but can't trust the readings
because I don't know if there is a buffer of some sort I don't know about.
	Could someone point me in the right direction or suggest a site/book
to look thru. I  have been reading the krib articles, but they all have
suggestions on how to raise the kh not lower it or did I miss something?
	And thanks T. Barr to suggesting tap water, save a lot of time and

	thank you for your time in advance.