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co2 --> needle valve + diffuser

Until recently I had been using a needle valve (19$
from M3) attached directly to my regulator, bubbling
into the intake of my eheim.

The opportunity arose for me to receive a new Jaqno
(Jaleco aqua technology) co2 Misty II diffuser,
imported from Japan, sold by M3.  I decided to go a
diffuser largely for aesthetic reasons, as sometimes
the bubbling into my eheim makes a little 'pop' sound,
and there is occasional rumbling within the eheim
canister itself.

This co2 Misty II is a combination bubble counter,
disc diffuser.

Now to the heart of my question.  I am running the
diffuser at approx 1 bubble per second.  My setup is
tank-->co2 regulator-->needle valve-->diffuser.  My
pressure is less than 4.  I had thought that these
diffusers required pressures greater than that, and
hence one risked the end-of-tank syndrome.  I am
wondering if perhaps my needle valve (which is not all
the way open) allows for the pressures to be reduced,
or maybe that this design allows for lower pressures. 
So I am now running a low-pressure diffusor system,
which I thought wasn't an option.  Any thoughts?


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