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Re: Duplamat 300w transformer replacement

Jon Wilson wrote:

> I realize this is a long shot, but my Dupla 300w transformer died this
> weekend. 

I have no experience with the Dupla unit in particular, but
before you spend a lot of money on a new one, see if you just
blew the fuse.  A lot of consumer transformers come in sealed
plastic boxes with a fuse inside.  (As a tinkerer, this strikes
me as stupid or even perhaps dishonest.)  When you accidentally 
short them or otherwise draw excessive current, the fuse blows.
Not knowing any better, you just replace the whole thing.

I've got a couple of transformers that "died", and I just cut
the plastic open, took out the old fuse, and soldered in a fuse
holder.  Better than new!

David Ozenne
Fremont, CA

P.S. If you get a new one anyway, send me your old one.  I'd
gladly pay shipping!

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