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adding PO4 & Fe

Tom Barr wrote -
"KH2PO4 or H3PO4 can be used or good fish feedings/loads."
"and PO4(if needed, do not let it go to zero)."

Does KH2PO4 = potassium phosphate? and what is H3PO4?
I have a small jar of Sodium Phosphate, Tribasic can this be used to add
Also have a LaMotte PO4 test kit to manage additions.  Could someone
offer some guideline to how to mix and dose PO4?  i.e. 1t KH2PO4 + X amt
water then dose about X ml per X gal.  I have been a very happy camper
since quitting the RO scene :-) thanks Tom and all!  Plants really perk
up after a water change now.  Tap has 0.2 PO4 and I do a 50% water
change.  After water change PO4 is undetectable within 24 hrs. (probably
less).  Interesting aside - In list discussion a couple of months ago
about Cardina Japonica some folks noted the secretive nature of these
creatures and others commented about seeing them out and about on a
regular basis.  The shrimp in this tank invariably hang out in the open
areas after above mentioned water changes and go back to reclusive ways
within 24 hrs.

another dosing question - how much TMG to add to a 75gal? (160 watts NO
(ice cap), high pressure CO2, & Substrate Gold laterite under gravel.
KH from the tap is 2 - raised to 5 with baking soda.  Have been trying
to keep the nitrate close to 10 but forget or neglect for 1 - 2 days and
it goes to <2.   I had been following the suggested TMG dosage of about
10 - 15 ml / week for my size tank / water hardness.  Using a LaMotte FE
test kit readings were always well below 0.10.  Recently have increased
dosage to as much as 45 ml / week.  Is this excessive?  Readings are
still within reason <0.10 and the plants are looking much better.  Some
spot algae on glass and very small amount of BBA that so far has only
attached to gravel.  Plants are clean :-)   Seems that since this tank
was set up 6 months ago I have been dealing with some issue or another
(giving up the RO put things on the right track), now the tank looks
great and am looking for the daily doses and water change doses that
will keep things running smoothly without daily testing.  BTW, mostly
160 watts for a 75 gal. gets a low / moderate light response.  However,
Rotalla Wallichi grows quite well with good color and recently added
glossostigma is spreading nicely with low growth habit.  Maybe the Ice
Cap gives these tubes an extra kick?

Thanks in advance,  this tank is a plant tank because of you list folks!

Jay Reeves