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RE: To seal or not to seal (my tank)

Stephanie:If the silicone is indeed cracking,or is not adhering anywhere,I
would definately re-seal it.It would probably be a good idea to clean the
inside of the tank thoroughly with CLR or a similar product,followed by a
THOROUGH rinsing.Then just razorblade the inner seams,being sure to get any
silicone "film" off.If you want a really neat job,you can run masking tape up
the seams approx 3/8" to 1/2" away from the corner.Clean all the seams using
isopropyl alcohol,and you are ready to start applying silicone.If you use the
tape method,get the silicone on,tool it out,and get the tape off as quickly as
possible,as the  silicone will end up getting "stringy"(think of the cheese on
your pizza)if you wait too long.There are any number of silicones that are
safe for aquarium use(I use Dow-Corning 732,caulking gun size tubes are
~$4.00Can @ Acklands-Grainger),the ones to DEFINATELY avoid are any labeled as
"tub & shower" as they have an anti-fungicidal agent that will leach into your
aq. water.....

HTH  James(Western Canada)

fortunejd at usa_net

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