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Re: Diluting TMG

On a similar note to diluting TMG in water, I was considering using either a
dosing pump (Spectrapure LiterMiter possibly) or similar apparatus (M3 has a
Liquidoser that might work) to automatically fertilize my tank. I considered
adding solution to an auto-water changer/top-off system but since several
inches of water will stay in reservoir it might throw things off.  In order
to avoid having several pumps, I was curious if mixing TMG, Seachem
Potassium and Flourish Iron together and dosing it as one solution would be
"bad"?  I wasn't planning to dilute it with water or anything, just mix them
in a reservoir and dose.    As the solution sits there (for a week, a
month... etc) will some interaction occur that is undesirable?