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Re: Plants under 8"/20 cm tall

Chin See Ming <chinseeming at hotmail_com> wrote:

> Subject: Plants under 8"/20 cm tall
> Please may I pick your brains?  My little 7 gal (an AG mini bow) is 
> overwhelmed by two swords that have busted out.  I am moving the swords to 
> my 50 gal.  But I need some thing to replace them with.  The foreground is 
> already full of e. tenellus and a. barteri var. nana.  What I need are 
> plants for the background that will grow about 8"/20 cm tall (cause that's 
> the height of the water column). Your ideas will be much appreciated.

Chin, 8 inches is a tough number to try to work under, but it 
probably can be done with a couple of plants. 

A nice little bunch of bolbitis heudelotii or microsorium Windelov 
will grow slowly and will eventually reach the top and fill an empty 
space. Some of the taller anubias (angustifolia, congensis, Frazeri) 
will look nice in the back, and they grow slow. I had some crypts 
grow pretty tall at 2 w/gal. You could try c. petchii or wendtii. Stem 
plants will fill in the background, but will grow faster and need more 
attention. Hygrophilas, ludwigias, rotalas, or bacopa come to mind. 
Small vals like corkscrew would make a nice back wall, but will 
grow accross the top and will need attention, but not as often as 
the stems. Sorry to say, most swords and aponogetons are out. 
Even my little Ozelot grew into a 15+ inch giant. 

Good luck and let us know what you get to work.

Jamie    <"\\\><  Aquatic plants, water chemistry, and cichlids