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Re: Cannister FIlters

I have two Fluval 404s. One is new and the other has been running for about
nine months with no problems. I have also run the older model Fluval and
have had great success with them too. I know that a lot of people prefer the
Ehiems, but at twice the price of the Fluvals, I have stayed away from them.
I am sure the Ehiems are great filters, but so are the Fluvals.

Ken Guin
Arlington, VA

> Hello,  I am in the market to buy two canister filters for a 150 gal.
> tank.  I am partial to Fluval canisters due to the fact I have several
> of their older models in use now and I love them.  I was hoping
> some of the people who have purchased the new models over the
> last several months would write to let me know how they like the
> newer models.