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Carbon filter advice needed

Hi there,

I am building an automatic water changing system for my planted 55G Discus
tank. My sump has a drain and I am going to be flowing tap water into the
main tank controlled by a solenoid. To treat the tap water I am building an
inline carbon filter from 3 inch diameter PVC pipe. I have a section about
three feet long which means it will contain about 3.5 pounds (1.5kg) of
carbon. I plan to pass the water slowly through this to remove the chlorine.

I have chloramine in the water. Will this filter remove enough of the
chlorine and/or chloramine for me to not need to bother about other water

Do I need an additional IV drip bag to dose with water conditioner?

I have searched the archives, the Krib and usenet without much success in
answering these questions so ANY help you could give would be very uch


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