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Caradina Japonica & Suitable tankmates.....

  I have wanted to place Caradina Japonica in my tank for some time,but common
sense and an unwillingness to buy what in all likelyhood will become $3.99Can.
ea feeder shrimp has prevented me from purchasing any for my 90gal,so in the
spirit of living vicariously through others,I bought three and put them in my
neices' 10gal :) :) 
  The four species most likely to become consumers of shrimp in my 90gal
community tank would be: Botia Striata,Botia Sidthimunki & Synodontis
Petricola(5 of each)and (2)Pearl Gourami's.
   Anyone have experience with shrimp and any of the aforementioned species
that they would care to share ??
James(Western Canada)

fortunejd at usa_net

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