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RE: SAEs in Washington D.C. area?

Dan Resler asked:
> I will be in the Washington D.C. area this weekend and would like to
> pick up some Siamese Algae Eaters; does anyone from the area know
> of a shop that has them? Thanks.

    Totally Fish in north Silver Spring has a tankful now.  They are labeled 
"Flying Foxes" with the subtext Crossocheilus siamensis.  They are the real 
thing.  Interestingly, they have another tank labeled "Siamese Algae Eaters", 
with subtext "Gyrinocheilus aymonieri" (sp).  The scientific name is correct 
on this tank (Chinese algae eaters).
    I find the best selection of plants _and_ unusual fish at this store of 
all stores in the DC area.  Nothing compares to The Aquarium Center (near 
Baltimore) that was mentioned earlier, though.
    Pierre Gagne