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Re: SAEs in Washington D.C. area?

Dan, meant to look up this address but now you have it!  I highly recommend
this store to anyone in the area.  I also recommend if you are thinking
about buying or running a petstore you visit Jim K. and watch him and his
helpers in action.  I think he will always compete against the Petsmarts and
their kind.  He cultivates and educates customers.  Didn't surprise me at
all that he had SAE's.  (They're impossible to find in the St. Louis area as
our wholesaler doesn't get it).  Look carefully through his tanks as he also
likes different and unusual fish!  Grab a cup of coffee when you come
through the front door and say hi for me!

Gary Lange
gwlange at mindspring_com

Date: Thu, 19 Apr 2001 10:14:06 -0400
From: "Ken Guin" <kenguin at homemail_com>
Subject: Re: SAEs in Washington D.C. area?

Dan Resler asked:
> I will be in the Washington D.C. area this weekend and would like to
> pick up some Siamese Algae Eaters; does anyone from the area know
> of a shop that has them? Thanks.

If you are in the Gaithersburg, Maryland area, you can also check out the
following store:

Topical Fish World
16529 S Frederick Center
Gaithersburg, MD 20877

I picked up some SAE's there two weeks ago and they had dozens left.

Ken Guin
Arlington, VA