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RE: Ostracods


You had asked about Ostracods.  

There are ostracods that do damage plants.  I have not

encountered these yet.  From what I have heard, if you

have to ask the question, yours probably are not plant

eaters.  The ostracods that I have had are not harmful

to plants, but do like to live on the plants.  I saw 
no need to rid my tanks of them, but I haven't seen 
them in a long time.  

Fish will usually eat them - no matter which variety 
you have.  Livebearers are good at this, but I imagine
that many other kinds of fish would work them over 
too.  The eggs will hatch at different intervals.  So 
when you think they are all gone, you may get them 

You asked if they eat algae.  If they were good at 
algae control, someone on this list would have 
marketed them by now ;-)  I don't think that they are 
good at that.

Enjoy your "pests".  I found them kind of interesting.

Good luck,


newellcr at yahoo_com

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