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I just read Charles's post, and I have similar questions. I think I will 
limit mine to my tap water for now. The "Routine Tap Water Analysis" from I 
obtainedmy local utility gies the following values in mg/l:
ph                   7.48                                         K           
alkalinity          23                                            Cl          
conductivity      103.3                                       Na           5.4
T.D.S.               51.7                                         Flouride  
Total Hardness   40                                             Manganese   
Calcium Hardness  30                                      Zinc          .01
Langelier            -1.825                                      Lead   ,15 
below MCL  (?)
pHS                    9.305                                      Copper   
,1300 below MCL
Ca                       12                                          Sulfate  
Mg                        .244                                      Chloride  
Nitrates               .6               Ammonia,Aluminum,TONS,Hydrogen 
Sulfide     0
Orthophosphate    .618                                         TNM's   below 
Iron                      .022                                      CO2       
I think I understand enough to know why the pH of may 20g. dropped below 6 
upon introduction of DIY CO2, but I do not understand the best method to 
buffer ny pH at around  7.  What else could you chemistry whizzes deduce from 
the above  which would help me develop my tapwater into great plant aquarium 
water and reduce the chances of contracting algae plagues?  Thanks for any 
analsis, suggestions or encouragement.     Ernie De Pascale