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Re: Background Plants

>I am looking for tall plants for my 75G tank with 220W light. Since I
have a lot of light green and red plants, I would like to add a dark
green backdrop for good contrast. I thought about a shorter variety of
Vals and Cryptocoryne balansae. I prefer something that does not get
really tall that I have to constantly cut the tips off.   Can someone
give me some advice for suitable plants? 

My candidate would be Aponogeton rigidifolius. the darkest green I have
next to Bolbitis. Parts blackish appearing in a certain light. Very
striking. The leaves on mine are topping 2' but they don't grow stiff
and straight like swords. I wouldn't prune it for the world.  My
favorite plant of all at present. Maybe it wouldn't grow so tall without
Jobe's. ;-)