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Re: Yamato Green

> From: "Robert H" <robertpaulh at earthlink_net>
> Subject: Re: yamato green
> Yamato responded to me that one teaspoon raises nitrate by 5ppm.

	If the analysis given earlier was correct (0.15% nitrate nitrogen),
then the solution contains 0.66% nitrate, or 6600 ppm nitrate.  One 
teaspoon contains 5 mL, so it could increase the nitrate content of
6.6 L of water by 5 ppm.  My 160 L tank would need 24 teaspoons or
120 mL for a 5 ppm nitrate increase.  Are you sure about that analysis?

> I dont know
> if this is true or not yet, but I am looking at it this way...the reason I
> am using it is because I hate working with KNO3,


Paul Sears        Ottawa, Canada