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CO2 regulator (Newbie question)

Hi everyone,

I am thinking about purchasing a CO2 regulator.  A
local welding supply company offered me a good
price on a single stage flowmeter-regulator (Mig
Master type) distributed by Generico, which is
supposedly very close to a single stage Victor HSR
series flowmeter/regulator.  0 to 60 SCFH CO2
flow, backpressure compensated for accurate
readings.  The gauge goes from 0 to 4000psi.  The
company said that they will let me borrow one to
see if it is suitable for my application.  But
before I do so, I thought I'd better find out if
this type of regulator is even worth considering.
Can someone tell me whether or not this type works
OK for a planted tank?