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Re: Effectiveness of Reflectors???

"Gary Lange" <gwlange at mindspring_com> wrote:

>I would suggest before anyone claims that white paint reflects just as good
>as a Miro 4 reflector needs to actually do the research on a Miro 4 and not
>the Triton enhancer.  I'm not using the Triton produce but I do know that I

This is a bit confusing. It seems to imply the Triton Enhancer is a white
paint reflector. The Triton Enhancer is a polished aluminum parabolic
reflector. I have both a Triton Enhancer and a couple of Miro 4's, and as
far as I can tell from their dimensions and proportions, they should have
very similar efficiencies, *IF* used with the bulbs they are designed for. 
The Triton is more appropriate for thick bulbs such as T12's. The Miro 4 is 
more appropriate for thiner bulbs or bi-ax bulbs or for installations where 
space is at a premiun. Using a T12 under a Miro 4 may indeed be not much 
better than white paint. 

>get a lot more light using the Miro 4's.  Also in comparison the so called
>reflectors (polished metal) in the All Glass PC's are totally blown out of
>the water by AH
>Miro 4's.  Check them out at http://www.ahsupply.com/

That's right, the All Glass PC fixture sucks. The reason is that the reflector
is flat and the bulbs are mounted too close to the reflector. So close in fact
that the mirror properties of the reflector do not come into play at all. In 
those cases a white reflector would be equivalent, or maybe better. Flat 
mirrored reflectors should be used in conjunction with bulb holders that hold 
the bulb away from the reflector, at least 1" or 1.5". AH Supply sells these 
bulb holders btw. 

- Ivo Busko
  Baltimore, MD