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Re: Questions about iron

>I don't have a Seachem test kit, but if it measures Fe+3, then it
>must chemically convert the ferrous to ferric before reading?
>Sounds plausible.
>>  5.  My Seachem iron kit will not register any colour for at least four hours
>>  and then gets darker the longer I leave it.  Evaporation becomes a problem.
>>  The next morning it looks as though I have way too much iron, but only a
>>  little amount of water is left in the cup.  What can I assume my iron level
>>  to be?
>Dr. Morin? Care to shine any light...?

The test conditions of our kit do convert Fe+3 to Fe+2. This is a 
fairly rapid process under the test condtions. With respect to not 
getting a reading for 4 hours I'd say there is either no iron in 
there or it is locked up with something even stronger than EDTA. 
Tyipcally chelated iron should be measurable after 45 minutes to 1 
hour with our test.

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