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Re: Yamato Green

In a message dated 04/03/2001 2:56:47 AM Central Daylight Time, Robert Paul H 

<< I have been using the product for three weeks in a couple of tanks that I
 knew were nitrogen poor. The effect of this product was evident within a
 week. I added a small dosage every day, or every other day. Has anyone else
 here had any experience with this product? >>

No, but a few weeks ago when I posted the Denton water analysis the owner of 
this product was very helpful offlist and gave me a detailed, item-by-item 
opinion of the water. And his sales message was so subtle and careful that I 
actually went to his site. I intend to purchase his product for a trial, but 
I wanted to figure out the tank first.

I'll post a report on that subject in another week or so, but things are 
looking up.

Cheryl Hofmann
Oak Point, TX